Waste Water Disinfection Solutions

Constant Chlor® solutions are the cost-effective technology of choice for disinfecting waste water, helping treatment plants to easily reduce odors, bacterial counts and organic content (residual COD) in discharged effluent.

Cleaner Technology, for a Cleaner Environment

Waste water, if left untreated, is a major source of pollution for the environment. The importance of treating liquid effluent is continually on the rise, as cities must substantially reduce the level of contaminants contained in liquid effluent, in order to safely discharge or recycle treated waste water.

Constant Chlor Feeder Technology

Our feeder solutions use EPA registered Constant Chlor briquettes that work in conjunction with proprietary feeder technology to produce a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution. We can treat facilities with up to 10 MGD ranging from a minimum of 5 pounds a day available chlorine up to 102 pounds a day.

The Constant Chlor® Advantage

Disinfecting liquid effluent is critical to maintaining a clean, healthy environment, and safe, effective waste water treatment programs are fundamental to human health. Read more about how Constant Chlor® solutions compares to other disinfection solutions.