Designed for hard surface cleaning

The Wysiwash is designed for hard surface cleaning.  The hose end applicator attaches to a hose and uses Calcium Hypochlorite to create a 75 or 250 ppm AvCl Solution for disinfection.  This product is EPA-registered and works with either cold or hot water. 


  • Powerful Deodorizing: Wysiwash targets odor causing bacteria.
  • Long Lasting: Each caplet lasts up to 3 hours.
  • Biodegradable: Safe to use on plants, artificial turf, and gravel.

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3 Steps to Sanitize

Wysiwash is the only system thatmakes sanitizing large areas as easy as hosing them down. Just follow these three easy steps!

Step 1

Insert a Wysiwash Jacketed Caplet.

Step 2

Connect Wysiwash to a standard garden hose.

Step 3

Turn on & spray Wysiwash to sanitize, deodorize, & neutralize mold.


When you need to sanitize hundreds of square feet, you need the Wysiwash Sanitizing System

The Wysiwash Sanitizer-V & Sanitizer Pro are more than just hose-end sprayers. Our patented hydro-injection system is scientifically designed to mix and dispense a precisely calibrated, effective, safe, sanitizing solution as you spray it. This innovative dispensing technology allows a mild, eco-friendly sanitizing solution

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