NSF/ANSI 60 Certified for Drinking Water

Slow release bactericide and fungicide for water disinfection

hth® Scientific™ Chips are a bactericide and fungicide for disinfection of potable water in reservoirs and used as an oxidizing agent in sewage water, waste water, cooling water and many other water systems.

The chips, which are compacted, provide a slower release of the active ingredient than normal Calcium Hypochlorite Granular and are designed for use with hth® Scientific™ inline feeders.


  • Effective bactericide and fungicide, aiding in bacteria and algae control
  • Help to eliminate odours
  • Help to protect equipment from the effects of microbial-induced corrosion, which can help reduce energy and water consumption
  • Lower storage and transportation costs compared to liquid alternatives of a lower concentration
  • Due to a high concentration of the active ingredient, a relatively small amount of the product can effectively disinfect large amounts of water