Effective dosing of chlorine

The high pressure 4kg, hth® Inline Feeder’s design allows for peace of mind as well as reliable and effective dosing of chlorine into water disinfection systems. The feeder is easy to install and operate with little maintenance required. Dosage rates can be regulated and controlled as per the preferred rate. hth® Inline Feeders are to be used in conjunction with hth® Disinfecting Tablets and hth® Duration® Tablets.


  • Able to chlorinate 2,700,000Ɩ/day at a dosage rate of 1 ppm
  • Max. feed rate / day: 2.75kg Av Cl₂
  • Inlet pressure (Range): 0.5-10 bar
  • Ideal: >2 bar
  • Material: uPVC
  • Feeder dimensions: 660mm (W) x 1200mm (H) x 250mm (D)