The feeder unit uses hth® Calcium Hypochlorite Briquettes (65% min available chlorine(AvCl)), a dry chlorination solution, that is dissolved on site for a consistently accurate, fresh dose of chlorine.

Freshly dissolved chlorine solution exits the feeder at the bottom of the erosion chamber through a perforated grid. This concentrated chlorine solution could be fed into any bulk water system either via direct gravity feed (funnel) or collected into a step tank and dosed with high pressure dosing pump into pressurized pipeline or system. All feeders are equipped with a double-rotameter dosing system to deliver a sufficient 1% chlorine solution to reach 0.7 ppm chlorine residual in discharge water. There are currently three options of chlorination methods utilized in the wastewater sector:

Product Features

  • Dry Calcium hypochlorite (min 65% active ingredient),
  • Chlorine gas (99.9% active ingredient, but also only ~2% soluble in water)
  • Liquid Sodium hypochlorite (<15% active ingredient).