NSF/ANSI 60 Certified

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Spray technology for consistent chlorine solution strengths

Designed to provide a precise dose of liquid chlorine for efficient water disinfection, the new generation of easiflo® IP system meets the increasingly stringent requirements for operator safety and for the environment. This device is intended for the exclusive use of dry Calcium Hypochlorite, in the form of 7 gram briquettes.* Based on a patented spray technology, this feeder can also chlorinate water flow systems and multi pools applications. Easy to install, use and maintain, our feeders can also be used in conjunction with a chlorine controller or a water flow sensor.


  • Uniform dissolution of briquettes through the manifold kit.
  • Improved insolubles elimination : washdown manifold.
  • Constant and reliable concentration of chlorine solution strenght.
  • Optimum operator safety : safety lid + dry Cal Hypo.
  • Double safety for overflow (mecanical and electric).
  • 1 single feeder can supply several injection points.
  • Easy installation, handling and maintenance.
  • Feeders capacities adapted to the sizes of the pools, process water flow disinfection (3 sizes available).
  • Compatible with most dosing pumps.
  • Simple loading process & Small footprint.
  • Reduction of the initial investment cost.
  • Technical support.

easiflo® Feeder Specs

titleE 20 IPE 40 IPE 100 IP
Briquettes capacity hopper (kg)2050100
Max chlorine production (kg/day) / 1 bar4285203
Concentration of the chlorinated solution (%), at 1 bar1,81,82,2
Feeder Weight (Empty)1520,541,5
Feeder weight (full)5085160
Dimensions (width X depth)723 x 555850 x 660968 x 860
Dimensions (H), lid closed / open860 / 1173982 / 13351107 / 1591

easiflo® IP Feeder System Schematics

Constant Chlor® Briquettes

  • 68% available chlorine
  • With anti-scale active ingredient (preserve the facilities)
  • Do no require any special training for their use
  • Storage for several years in their sealed buckets
  • Briquettes in 25kg pails
  • No pressurized cylinders on site
  • Complies with the European directive 98/83 for bromates, chlorites and chlorates
  • Meets the standards EN 900 (drinking water in Europe)
  • BPR (European Biocidal Product Regulation EU 528/2012) supported
  • NSF / ANSI 60 certified

* SIGURA and its CONSTANT CHLOR® brand offer calcium hypochlorite briquettes, with anti-scale additive, perfectly adapted to the easiflo® IP feeders. Please, contact your sales representative for more information.