mc5 feeder photo
NSF/ANSI 61 Certified for Drinking Water

The next generation feeder featuring patented erosion technology

The Constant Chlor® MC5 Feeder system provides reliable chlorine solutions for water treatment plants, waste water plants and water reclamation facilities. The Constant Chlor® system use EPA registered Constant Chlor® Briquettes that work in conjunction with the feeder to produce a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution for clean, clear, sanitized water.


  • High strength 65% minimum AvCL
  • Briquettes made in the USA
  • Unique briquette shape creates a well-packed spray bed
  • Dry, easy-to-handle formulation
  • Longer shelf life than liquid bleach
  • Meets AWWA Standard B300
  • Feeder designed to minimize maintenance requirements
  • Scale inhibitor for reliable performance

MC5 Feeder Specs

Pressure Range34-45 PSI2.24-3.11 bar
Dry Chemical Capacity100-150 lbs45-68 kg
Available Working Solution4.8 gal18.2 l
Water Inlet Size5/8"159 mm
Solution Outlet Size5/8"15.9 mm
Operating Weight260 lbs118 kg
Shipping Weight60 lbs27.2 kg
Solution Mixing6 gpm at 7 psi22.7 lmp at 0.48 bar
Feeder Dimensions25.3“W x 19.8“D x 40.9“H 643mm W X 503mm D x 1039mm H

Enhanced Hopper Attachment

The MC5 features an enhanced hopper attachment that allows for added chemical capacity and reduction in dust during chemical loading.

Constant Chlor® Briquettes

The MC5 Feed System uses Constant Chlor Briquettes which have high strength 65% minimum AvCL and scale inhibitor for reliable performance.