Clean drinking water for small community wells

The Constant Chlor® Plus A300N-GF Feeder is a compact chlorine gravity feeder capable of producing high feed rates. Its simple, rugged design makes it ideal for small community wells and drinking water storage tanks. The feeder works with Constant Chlor® Plus Tablets to chlorinate drinking water. A scale inhibitor in the tablet helps prevent scale build-up in the feeder for a low-maintenance chlorination solution.


  • Scale inhibitor in tablets for optimal feeder performance
  • Precise chlorine control via three methods
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Simple, rugged design for dependable operation in rural areas
  • Highly adjustable chlorine output meets a wide variety of application needs

More Information

A300 Operational Requirements

Inlet pressure (Range)10-30 psi0.68-2.06 bar
Ideal Outlet Flow Gravity18 psi1.24 bar
Operating Temperature40-130 º F4.4 - 54.4 º C
Inlet Flow0.1 to 2.0 gpm0.38 to 7.57 lpm
Feed Rate Available Chlorine/Day0.5 to 18 lbs0.22 to 8.16 kg
Output Rate8.84 lbs/day without refilling; 18 lbs/day with refilling using high output grid4 kg/day without refilling; 8.16 kg/day with refilling using high output grid

Constant Chlor® Plus Tablets

The A300 Feed System uses Constant Chlor® Plus Tablets which have high strength 65% minimum AvCL and scale inhibitor for reliable performance.