Drinking Water Solutions​

Constant Chlor® is one of the largest producers of Calcium Hypochlorite, providing complete and innovative water-treatment solutions, including chemicals and engineered feeding units to meet specific needs.

Clean, Clear, Sanitized Water—Anywhere

Whether sanitation is needed in urban or rural areas, our potable water product range is dedicated to providing clean and reliable water. Constant Chlor® solutions sanitize water in reservoirs, storage tanks, wells, and other isolated water sources, depending upon your unique needs.

Constant Chlor Feeder Technology

Our feeder solutions use EPA registered Constant Chlor briquettes that work in conjunction with proprietary feeder technology to produce a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution. We can treat facilities with up to 10 MGD ranging from a minimum of 5 pounds a day available chlorine up to 102 pounds a day.

The Constant Chlor® Advantage

Access to clean drinking water is a basic need, and sanitized water supplies, hygienic sanitation, and effective water management programs are fundamental to human health. Read more about how Constant Chlor® solutions compares to other disinfection solutions.

Constant Chlor® products are available globally