The Constant Chlor® Advantage

The Constant Chlor System provides reliable chlorine solutions for both public and private municipal applications like remote wells, booster stations, water treatment plants, waste water plants, and water reclamation facilities. 

These are cost effective solutions for municipal and water treatment applications, and have been developed to meet unique regional requirements including adherence to local regulations.

  • NSF/ANSI 61 Certified for drinking water
  • Minimal operator dosage adjustment
  • HMI touch screen and SCADA compatible
  • Compatible with positive displacement pumps
  • Dry, easy-to-handle briquettes meet AWWA standard B300
titleSodium HypochloriteChlorine GasConstant Chlor® Calcium Hypochlorite
Available Chlorine 12–15% 100%65%
Stability<1 month*Not as stable and difficult to control and contain~1 year*
Class 3 oxidizer
HandlingLiquid spillages can be hazardousMajor gas leak concernsDry form reduces risk of transfer spills
Ease of Use & ApplicationDay tank and pump system required with secondary containment
Off-gassing of Cl2 and O2 stalling of pumps
Special equipment and training required, e.g. scrubbers for leaksPre-plumbed, skid-mounted feeder with containment offers easy install
Storage450 lb (204 kg) drums300 lb (136 kg) gross weight for 150 lb (68 kg) Cl2 cylinder50 lb (22.7 kg) pail
Delivery ControlRapid strength degradation of stored solutionsBooster pump often needed to operate the feed systemMade on-demand so consistent solution strength

*Under normal conditions